Design for TaxiPal user interface
We designed a new user interface for the smartphone application TaxiPal which can be used to call a taxi in different cities all over the world. The application is intended for the MeeGo operation system in Nokia N9.

Hangar with an arched roof
Our client wanted to introduce its technology for building arched roofs using a specific example that would show off the possibilities of the technology. We planned the hall in cooperation with the company Kromo Disain not as an architectural solution but a standard product, the target group for which was various smaller manufacturers that need office space, warehouse or production facilities.

Parking clock
We were approached to design the exterior of a parking clock based on technology devised in Estonia. The form was to be as small as possible and fit in well with the interiors of many different cars. It was also important for the installation and use of the clock to be comprehensible for everyone. The design had to take into account the needs of the various markets and allow the product to be aimed at different countries. We worked closely with electronics firms and companies Kromo Disain and Ten Twelve to develop the solution.

Foldable jug
In Taikonaut, we developed a foldable jug for milk sold in polyethylene bags.†Foldable jugs are produced by FoldPlast. In 2010, the foldable jug Foldy was awarded the Estonian Annual Design Prize Bruno. The jug helps stabilise the polyethylene bag. A polyethylene packaging for milk is five times lighter than the tetra pack and more eco-friendly as it produces less waste.

Soldierís furniture
Based on the furniture used in Estoniaís Defence Forces, Taikonaut and partner Ten Twelve designed products that would be more reliable and comfortable than the existing ones and would comprise a standard solution. As a result of our work, furniture working drawings and 3D visualization were completed.

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